History of the Park

History of the Park

Pond Meadow Park was initially a flood control project for the Weymouth Landing area. Pond Meadow officially opened as a park in May of 1976 and is operated under the direction of the Weymouth-Braintree Regional Recreation-Conservation District. The purpose of the park is to serve the public as a passive recreation and conservation area.

Through the foresight of a few citizens of the Towns of Braintree and Weymouth, land spanning both towns consisting of a small pond and derelict cars and trash, was soon to be transformed into one of the area’s hidden treasures. By these citizens’ action and with the support of local state senators and representatives, on July 19, 1972, the Weymouth-Braintree Regional Recreation-Conservation District, commonly known as “Pond Meadow Park”, was established. The guidelines of the enabling act established a commission, consisting of seven members (three from each town appointed for three years and one alternately from each for a three year term), the rules for its operation, and the areas to be covered by the park.

Land takings on the present site of the District were made in the spring and summer of 1974. Total land takings, plus land donations, resulted in the District managing approximately 325 acres including a shallow 20-acre pond. Shortly afterwards, after all permits were secured, construction began on road clearing, construction of a dam and earthen dike to protect Weymouth Landing from the serious flooding that the area experienced.

In the following years, the District Commissioners and full-time park rangers developed the Park’s infrastructure. With the help of several town departments from Weymouth and Braintree, the U.S. Government CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) Program, and the donation of services from many citizens and local businesses, several important projects were completed. The heavily used bike and walking path was completed in 1984. Other projects included construction of picnic areas, two park entrances, paved roads, several paved parking areas, and an office building (with handicap accessible public bathrooms added later on).

In 1978, The Friends of Pond Meadow, a non-profit entity chartered to assist in the support and development of the Park, took roots. The “Friends” have been instrumental in helping to raise funds and awareness to support Park programs and projects. The Friends oversee the Park’s popular Summer Nature Program which began in 1984. The program provides young children from Braintree and Weymouth a chance to spend a week with nature. This program is very well received and completely filled year after year.

Beyond its importance providing flood control, today the Park flourishes not only with abundant plant and wildlife, but as a passive recreation area enjoyed year round.